YouTube Dishes Up Hilarious Halloween Treat


Although new video tools like Vine, Viddy, and video for Instagram continue to pop up, YouTube is still king with more than 4 billion videos viewed each day and 700 shares on Twitter each minute. More and more brands are opting to leverage their power online instead of the traditional Monday Night Football or Nick at Night television commercial. Brands are tapping into YouTube as a message distribution channel, providing attractive content that’s easy to consume and on-time messages that can be viewed at home or on the go.

Just in time for All Hallows’ Eve, Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes created a commercial for YouTube that shows children in a focus group tasting new “healthy Halloween treats.” Unfortunately for the excited children, the veggie fruit chews and lollipops came in flavors like asparagus, beet, artichoke, and tofu. But fortunately for nearly 3 million YouTube viewers (I’ve watched it at least five times), the commercial is a hilarious treat and reminder to keep teeth healthy during Halloween’s candy season.

In comments to, Rishi Dhingra, North America oral care marketing director for Procter & Gamble, the parent company of Crest and Oral-B, stated, “The children’s reactions were absolutely natural and unscripted.”  

Crest and Oral-B poke fun at veggie-flavored Halloween treats (guaranteed to get your colon going in the morning, kids!) and manage to remind parents to use their products to ensure their children’s teeth remain healthy after a night of sugar-filled treats.

The use of YouTube as a distribution channel makes the video—which has all the qualities of one to soon go viral—easy to share on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and dishes up a healthful reminder right in time for the target audience. Parents with young children can relate to the honesty (hilarity) of the children in the video and their lack of enthusiasm about eating vegetables (otherwise known as things that sound disgusting). Crest and Oral-B understand that parents are cautious about their kids eating candy but that most want their kids to live a little and enjoy all the sweet goodness that Halloween brings—which is, as the video shows, far better than the alternative. Ultimately, the message (“Nothing is more horrifying than Halloween without candy…thankfully there’s Crest and Oral-B”) resonates with anyone who views it. It is a reminder that a night out on the town (read: neighborhood) consuming candy is okay, as long as you brush your teeth afterward.

The video is just another way health-focused brands and organizations can use YouTube to spread their messages successfully with right-on-time interesting content. And it certainly gives the Danya ghouls and goblins a big grin!

By Kianta Key


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