NPIN Hosts AIDS Memorial Quilt at Danya

Photo of a portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt

CDC NPIN partners are invited to visit the AIDS Memorial Quilt at
Danya International’s Atlanta Office at
9 Corporate Square, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30329

On December 1, World AIDS Day, people from around the world will join together in recognition and support of the estimated 34.2 million people living with HIV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Prevention Information Network (CDC NPIN) is one of many organizations that will be commemorating this important day to continue to raise awareness and promote HIV prevention across the United States. This year, from November 18 through December 6, in support of World AIDS Day, NPIN is hosting a portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt at Danya International’s Atlanta location. The 15 panels on display represent a small section of the more than 48,000 unique and beautifully crafted works collected by the NAMES Project Foundation. The foundation’s mission is “to preserve, care for, and use the AIDS Memorial Quilt to foster healing, heighten awareness, and inspire action in the age of AIDS.”

Photo of a panel from the AIDS Memorial Quilt

Panel on display at Danya’s Atlanta Office

The idea for the AIDS Memorial Quilt was conceived by AIDS activist Cleve Jones in 1985. His vision was to create a visual commemorative symbol for the many struggling with and dying from AIDS. He wanted to start a national community project that would connect the victims of the disease and their supporters across the nation through an incredible collection of patchwork art. Jones created the first AIDS Quilt panel in 1987, in honor of his close friend Marvin Feldman.

Danya International invites CDC NPIN partners to become a part of the AIDS Quilt community by visiting the Atlanta Office and viewing the collection on display. CDC NPIN and Danya International, as well as others from across the world, will wear the red ribbon and re-pledge their support to the fight against AIDS on Worlds AIDS Day. Together, organizations and individuals from across the globe will use this day to march, speak out, connect on social media, and promote HIV testing, awareness, and prevention.

Check out the CDC NPIN Pinterest board with pictures of the AIDS Quilt display.

How will you show your support on World AIDS Day? Share your support activities with @CDCNPIN on Twitter.

By Tracye Poole


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