Danya Helps You Make Every Day a Healthy One with 2014 Calendar

Health Days CalendarDanya International recently released its first health observances calendar, available in print and online. The calendar highlights nearly 60 health observances throughout 2014, providing interactive ways to learn more about each observance and ways to support the health days.

The calendar, developed in cross-collaboration with team members from creative services and digital communication, was the brainchild of Janice Nall, managing director of Danya’s Atlanta office.

“We wanted to create a beautiful health observance calendar that public health advocates, like us, either could hang in their offices or interact with on their browsers. And I believe the team achieved that,” said Nall.

Beyond developing an easily navigable at-a-glance tool, the Danya team hopes the calendar will become a part of the preparation process when public health professionals plan events and promotional messaging in support of national and global health observances.

Richard Russell, associate director of creative services and the creator of the calendar’s theme, said, “Our thinking is that sometimes visuals are the best way to remind us of why we show up every day—to prevent and eventually eradicate diseases that affect our communities and world. To make every day a healthy one.”

To download and print Danya’s 2014 health observance calendar, visit www.danya.com/healthdays. If you recently received/downloaded the calendar and you’re looking for creative ways to hang up the poster in your office, check out this six-second tutorial produced by the Danya team.

Keep up with how Danya is making every day a healthy one by following the #healthdays conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

By Kianta Key

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