Let’s Do T.H.I.S! Danya Launches Health and Technology Seminar Series April 30

Technology Health Innovation Seminars logo banner

Gamification. Big data. Wearable tech. Clicktivism. Anecdata. Memes. Selfies.

These buzzwords are enough to drive you mad!

With 2014 proving to be yet another year full of new technology trends and developments, you need to go beyond the buzzwords and focus on what can make a genuine impact on your work. It is not an overstatement to say that the supply of available tech tools and options can be overwhelming. Whether it’s wearable technology, big data analytics, or the new smart homes, it can be difficult to decipher what is sustainable and how it relates to everyday life. From a public health perspective, it’s especially important to know how to pick the right resources to help implement innovative strategies and techniques to achieve a positive impact.

As the healthcare industry becomes more digital, Danya International actively works to stay in the know on the newest innovations in health and technology. To help keep pace with today’s global advances, we developed a series of webcasts and in-person technology, health, and innovation seminars (T.H.I.S) that will highlight digital health trends and showcase the latest innovations, including how today’s businesses are implementing them and the impact they are having on public health. Presenters at the forefront of each field will show how the various technologies work, and why they are important for you and the changing healthcare industry. You won’t want to miss T.H.I.S!

Upcoming seminars include:

  • Gamification in Public Health Communication
  • Wearable Technology
  • Social Media Accessibility
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • The “Aware Home”
  • Health and Mobile Communications

Our inaugural, in-person event, “Gamification in Public Health Communication,” takes place at our Danya Atlanta Office Wednesday, April 30, and will feature Tara Roehl. Learn more about the event at www.danya.com/THIS and register today!

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