Blog Contributors

Jeffrey Hoffman, Ph.D.—Founder and CEO

Dr. Hoffman provides overall strategic direction and leadership for Danya. Overseeing all aspects of Danya’s strategic alliances and commercial ventures, he is responsible for the strategic growth of the company. Dr. Hoffman is trained as a clinical psychologist and researcher, with specialized expertise in addictions treatment, tobacco control, HIV prevention, and family relationships. Through his work at Danya, Dr. Hoffman has spearheaded the development of numerous health-related Web sites, recordings, multimedia programs, and social marketing projects. He received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an M.A. in family studies and child development from Stanford University, and a B.A. in liberal arts from Michigan State University.

Madeline Barrow—Writer/Editor

Madeline has been writing about health for more than 20 years on assignments that have taken her from the office to Cook County Jail, the Navajo Nation, and health departments from Chicago’s southside to San Francisco. There has never been a dull moment! Travel, books, music, gardening, and food vie for favorite downtime pastimes, and swimming is her workout of choice. Her favorite things about Danya are working with creative people and learning about trending public health initiatives.

Amanda Bowen—Associate Project Director

Amanda’s curiosity and shrewd attention to detail have aptly served her in conducting independent research and managing federally funded projects. Through her educational and professional development in the social sciences and public health, she has had the opportunity to publish technical writing, develop Web site and product content, and blog. She brings a passion for the written word home, where she enjoys reading and writing about mental health, social policy, nutrition, and cooking.

Katy Capers—Health Communications and Digital Marketing Specialist

When she’s not cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs or sipping on peach tea, Katy works as a Health Communications and Digital Marketing Specialist at Danya. She currently is responsible for coordinating and evaluating digital and social media for several CDC campaigns ranging from reproductive health and HIV/AIDS to adolescent and school health. Most importantly though, Katy, a recent Boston transplant, is excited to rediscover the best parts of her southern roots: “grits, football, and summer thunderstorms.”

Carlos N. Chapman, MPH, CHES—Partnership and Outreach Coordinator, CDC NPIN

Carlos Chapman joined Danya International as a Partnership and Outreach Coordinator for CDC’s National Prevention Information Network (NPIN). Carlos has more than 4 years of experience in providing technical assistance to partners and organizations in support of HIV/AIDS prevention and education. He has developed and implemented communication and social media strategies, internal and external trainings, and related curricula for partners to address HIV/AIDS in the public and private sector and among targeted audiences. In his role at Danya, Carlos provides NPIN stakeholder engagement and communication support, coordinates the acquisition of materials from grantees and CDC, and supports national observances. Carlos has a B.S in health science from Columbus State University and an M.P.H. (concentration in health education and health promotion) from Morehouse School of Medicine. Carlos is also a Certified Health Education Specialist.

Stacy Fentress—Health Communication Project Manager

Stacy Fentress is a Health Communication Project Manager with more than 10 years of experience as a health communicator and college educator. When she isn’t managing projects or creating content for various CDC clients, she can generally be found at rock ‘n roll shows around Atlanta. Frequent topics of discussion include her nieces and nephews, anything sparkly, and Bon Jovi (do NOT laugh—she takes “the Jovi” very seriously).

Melissa Jackson—Project and Communications Manager, Head Start

In college, Melissa spent all of her time on Facebook, so it’s a good thing she found a job that lets her continue doing just that. In addition to stalking her “friends,” she manages the social media accounts for Danya and several projects. Melissa also writes press releases, updates Danya’s Web site, fulfills all product orders, as well as whatever else is thrown her way. When she’s not reading up on the latest food blogs and Lauren Conrad’s fashion tips, Melissa can be found baking a ridiculous dessert in her kitchen…that she then forces others to eat.

Katie Mooney, MPH, CPH—Health Communications Specialist

Katie Mooney is a Georgia bulldawg, Seattle transplant, and lover of all things public health! Though she misses Jittery Joe’s coffee and the 10-minute commutes only found in Athens, GA, she is thoroughly enjoying her time in Atlanta working as a Health Communications Specialist, a Young Life leader, and Community Health Ambassador. She loves working with people and helping them find their way to a more successful, healthy life.

Cynthia J. Newcomer—Content Marketing Manager, CDC NPIN

Although never a circus performer, Cynthia Newcomer is highly skilled at juggling the moving parts of multiple Web projects. With roots as a field organizer, she appreciates social media’s possibilities to reach the multitudes. A fan of Twitter, she conceived of and coordinated the 2010 National HIV Testing Day Twitter Town Hall. In her spare time, she juggles various community projects and reads, swims, and dances as much as possible.

Tessa Revolinski—Digital Health Communications Associate

Tessa Revolinski is a recent graduate from the Florida State University. Becoming fully immersed in social networks her final semester at FSU, it only seemed fitting for a career in the field. Her favorite parts about working at Danya are the themed staff meetings, Danya Digitalists, and of course Social Media Day. When she is not glued to a computer screen or mobile device, she likes to browse craft stores and play recreational softball in Piedmont Park.

Jennifer Smith—Senior Web and Accessibility Strategist

Jennifer Smith has more than 12 years of experience leading and managing electronic and interactive communications projects for nonprofit, government, and for-profit organizations. In her role at Danya, Jennifer provides client support for CDC’s Internet and Intranet content development and management; responsive design and content development; analysis of Web metrics; technical management of Web infrastructure; quality assurance and user testing; research and requirements gathering; and accessibility review and remediation.

Karen White—Senior Editor

For more than a decade, Karen White has served as a supremely hyphenated writing-editing-designing-coding-marketing Jane-Of-All-Trades for several federal agencies, including the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Justice. Currently, she serves as Danya’s senior editor and front-end Web developer. She is an unabashed sci-fi and horror geek with aspirations of world domination—or at the very least, acquiring a small band of minions willing to bring her coffee and books with dedicated regularity.

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